Success Stories

Optimizing Chemical Production Efficiency

Our client operates a chemical production facility for extracting metals from natural ores. Due to the manual process of collecting and analyzing physical quality control samples, output concentrations were measured in the lab only every few hours. This infrequent sampling resulted in unpredictable product quality and variability in key output metrics between batches.

Optimizing Water Usage and Output in Production

Our client operates an industrial chemical production facility for extracting salts from ore materials. Historically, overuse of diluent liquids prevented quality issues but wasted resources and limited yields.

Optimizing Multi-Stage Manufacturing Productivity

Our client operates a complex multi-stage manufacturing process, involving various chemical reactions. Lacking holistic visibility across all production phases made it difficult to align material flows, causing bottlenecks and stoppages that constrained output.

Optimizing Scheduling for Chemical Reactor Efficiency

Our client operates a complex chemical manufacturing process, transferring materials through a series of reactors to produce compounds like TBP and FR245. The unpredictable duration of reactions made manual scheduling suboptimal - output suffered when transfers took too long.  

Accelerating R&D with AI

Our client operates an R&D lab developing specialized fertilizer formulations for different crops and terrains. Historically, iterating through physical test batches wasted tremendous time and resources. Out of 2,000+ past formulations, many were ultimately non-viable.

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