PARCO – The Best AutoML Solution For Manufacturing Firms

A unique AI platform for Process Autonomous Re-Calibration and Optimization. Datadudes’ PARCO platform saves process manufacturers millions of dollars by  providing increased efficiency and quality while reducing waste and costs.

The PARCO platform continuously ingests sensor data and predicts process outputs, thus provides the ability to proactively re-calibrate the process .  At each stage of production, the PARCO platform adapts autonomously and in real-time to help you to optimize processes, minimize out-of-spec end-products, maximize consistency, and meet your production KPIs.


PARCO is an automated, proprietary, AI powered platform that leverages transfer learning capabilities for optimum effectiveness and efficiency gains. PARCO collects, cleans, segments, and leverages complex process data achieve optimum consistency across your production line.  

The Benifts

  • Deployment within weeks, not months
  • Cloud or on-prem implementation
  • On-time, on-target, much more efficient manufacturing

More specifically, the PARCO platform stabilizes process control without user interaction, and is able to adjust process set points closer to the process limit, while keeping outputs at the required quality. The operation from high energy consumption to a point with less energy consumption creates the opportunity to use energy much more efficiently and improve profit margins.

The PARCO platform is applicable to a variety of industries and verticals such as chemicals, petrochemical, oil refinement, food and beverage  manufacturing, power generation industries and other process based industries.

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