Optimizing Water Usage and Output in Production


Our client operates an industrial chemical production facility for extracting salts from ore materials. Historically, overuse of diluent liquids prevented quality issues but wasted resources and limited yields.

The Challenge

Without real-time visibility into key quality markers during processing, our client lacked the insights required to optimize diluent usage for efficiency and maximize batch outputs simultaneously.

The Solution

By implementing our AI-powered manufacturing analytics platform, we empowered the client with:

  • Predictions of expected output quality levels almost an hour before batch completion
  • Proactive guidance on optimal diluent amounts to add at the start
  • Closed-loop feedback to automatically adjust diluent inputs if needed

Armed with predictive insights and prescriptive recommendations from DataDudes, operators gained more control over this complex chemical production process.

The Results

Leveraging DataDudes AI recommendations helped the client:

  • Reduce diluent waste by over 30%
  • Increase yields by more than 10%
  • Minimize quality deviation incidents by up to 40%

Our AI platform delivered the visibility and actionable insights needed to simultaneously improve sustainability, productivity, and quality assurance in chemical production.

Actual quality sensor measurements over a three-month production run (green line) compared to DataDudes platform forecasts made one hour before (blue line)
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