Optimizing Chemical Production Efficiency


Our client operates a chemical production facility for extracting metals from natural ores. Due to the manual process of collecting and analyzing physical quality control samples, output concentrations were measured in the lab only every few hours. This infrequent sampling resulted in unpredictable product quality and variability in key output metrics between batches.

The Challenge

With laboratory measurements conducted intermittently, the facility lacked real-time visibility into output consistency and often struggled to reliably and efficiently achieve its targeted product quality and yield goals. This increased raw material usage and reduced cost efficiency.

The Solution

Implementing our AI optimization platform enabled continuous predicted output quality metrics for timely input adjustments by operators, overcoming the visibility challenges of relying on manual periodic lab sampling. By leveraging predictive analytics, our client stabilized production quality and improved productivity.

The Results

With DataDudes AI platform optimization, the facility achieved:

  • Over 75% reduction in variability of key output quality metrics between batches
  • Significantly decreased raw material waste
  • Improved production efficiency and cost savings

By leveraging predictive analytics, our platform empowered stability, resource conservation, and productivity gains for complex batch manufacturing. Output consistency improved dramatically while expensive excess material usage was minimized.

Our client gained increased control and visibility for quality assurance and impactful process enhancements. 

Actual quality lab measurements over a production run (blue line) compared to DataDudes platform predictions made two hours prior (green line). The vertical orange line indicates the current time point - predictions beyond this are forecasted future values.
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