Accelerating R&D with AI


Our client operates an R&D lab developing specialized fertilizer formulations for different crops and terrains. Historically, iterating through physical test batches wasted tremendous time and resources. Out of 2,000+ past formulations, many were ultimately non-viable.

The Challenge

Relying solely on physical testing, our client’s R&D efforts were bogged down by:  

– Lengthy trial-and-error formulation processes  

– High costs to produce and evaluate batches

– Inability to meet urgent customer requests quickly

The Solution

Leveraging decades of formulation data, our AI platform builds a virtual lab – predicting key quality attributes like density, conductivity, and salting out temperature for proposed products.

Scientists now screen formulations digitally, eliminating unnecessary physical batches. Promising options are identified faster.

The Results

DataDudes AI simulation and prediction empowers researchers to:

  • Reduce exploratory formulation effort by 70%
  • Accelerate the R&D process from weeks to hours
  • Enable agile responses to shifting customer needs

By establishing an accurate digital twin of the fertilizer R&D lab, our platform unlocks immense time and cost savings while driving business agility.


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